Powertech’s Applied Chemistry Department provides testing, consultation, and applied research to the power industry for the purposes of diagnostics, condition assessment, and life extension.

Offerings include: 

Insulating Fluidsdissolved gas analysis, oil quality tests, analysis of furans in oil and insulating paper, PCB monitoring, and analysis of SF6 gas.

Fuels and Lubricantsroutine testing for lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and liquid fuels using industry-recognized procedures or complex analyses with in-house-developed techniques.

Polymers and Materialsmaterial identification, thermal characterization of materials, compositional and purity testing, analysis of tensile and sheer strength, and determination of standard material characteristics.

Environmental Servicesanalytical testing of soils and water, effluent monitoring, evaluation of environmental technologies, and life-cycle assessment.

Research and Developmentexpertise to prevent transformer and other equipment failures, with focus on life extension, on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Trainingcourses on insulating fluids analysis and diagnostics for insulating oils and SF6.

Weathering ChamberAccelerated aging tests under simulated conditions for heat, rain/acid rain, fog/salt fog, Ultraviolet A and B exposure, sunlight, and voltage up to 40 kV.