On-line Oil Treatment

Restoring oil quality without equipment outages.

Powertech offers on-line oil treatment technologies that restore oil quality without requiring equipment outages. These systems are attached directly to in-service equipment and operate by flowing the oil in a by-pass mode. The technologies are modular, and depending on the need, different cartridges can be installed on one unit for decontamination of specific contaminants.

On-line Oil Dehydration Unitremoves moisture and particulate matter from transformer oil.

Online Bucket Truck Hydraulic Dehydration Unit—restores the dielectric properties of the hydraulic oil in bucket trucks by removing moisture and particulate matter.

Online Load Tap Changer Oil Purification Unit—removes not only particulate matter and moisture from LTCs but also precursors to contact coking, and refurbishes in-service aged oil to the quality of new oil.

Online Decontamination of Transformer Oil—uses extraction cartridges with proprietary absorbent technology to selectively remove contaminants and PCBs from the oil of in-service oil-filled equipment. The technology offers utilities the opportunity to significantly reduce the costs associated with contaminant removal and disposal.

On-line Oil Purification Unit— removes all oil and paper decomposition products (acids, polar components, furans, moisture, particulate matter, and corrosive sulphur) from transformer oil, cost-effectively restoring in-service oil quality to near new.