Equipment Health Rating

Powertech’s Equipment Health Rating (EHR) software is designed to assist in assessing and diagnosing the health of power equipment such as transformers.

The program calculates Condition Indexes for equipment components and accessories. These indexes are based on nameplate information, known problems, results of tests and inspections, operating and maintenance history, and years in service. IEEE, IEC, and other standards criteria (e.g., Duval Triangle) are used in the assessment. Test and inspection information includes lab tests (DGA, oil quality, furans, and others), field tests (Doble, Megger, winding insulation), internal inspections (leads, windings), and external inspections (bushings, radiators).

With this information, the software provides a rating of equipment health. The program allows experts to review and accept the ratings, provide diagnostics, and make recommendations on intervention. The results can be used to develop a quick overview of equipment health and to make comparisons within a substation or the entire utility for asset management purposes.

The software allows for easy compilation of various data, including historical and from on-line monitors, and helps utility engineers make quick and accurate decisions.