The lab has the capabilities for both basic testing and in-depth investigative studies with modern high-end instrumentation.

Powertech’s Applied Chemistry Department is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for chemical, material, and polymer analyses focusing on insulating oils and gases, lubricants, fuels and coolants.

For insulating fluids analysis, Powertech can perform industry standard tests as well as sophisticated analyses to evaluate the quality of insulating oils. The lab offers comprehensive test packages including commissioning tests, fault diagnosis, and forensic analysis.

Powertech is a leader in monitoring degradation of solid insulation in oil-filled transformers. Using high-performance chromatography and mass spectroscopy, staff experts perform analyses of compounds to determine the extent of degradation.

Consulting capabilities are available for fault diagnosis and maintenance of oil-filled equipment. A Powertech-developed expert system called Equipment Health Rating (EHR) uses statistical analysis and industry standard criteria to present historical information on equipment to indicate performance and condition.

As experts in insulating fluids analysis, diagnostics, and research, Applied Chemistry staff provide comprehensive training courses for utility engineers, field personnel, and apprentices.

Unlike other chemical testing labs, Powertech also has the capabilities for cross-disciplinary analyses—with in-house electrical, mechanical, and materials testing facilities.