Applied Chemistry

Analysis of fluids and solids used in electrical equipment

 Powertech’s Applied Chemistry Department has more than forty years’ experience in testing, consultation, and applied research in the chemistry of insulating fluids, gases, and solids used in electrical equipment.

Powertech is equipped with analytical instrumentation for chemical assessment, diagnostics, and material evaluation including the analysis of soils and water for regulatory compliance. The materials and polymers testing lab houses advanced thermal analysis, rheology, spectrometric, chromatographic, and mechanical testing instrumentation. Expertise is also available to evaluate and solve complex problems related to fuels, lubricants, and coolants. To assist utilities in complying with regulations relating to PCB contamination, Powertech has extensive experience in analysis, on-line removal, and destruction with oil reclamation.

Powertech’s long history of testing enables it to provide knowledgeable consulting services. The company’s in-house developed expert system, called Equipment Health Rating (EHR), uses industry standards and statistical analysis of lab test results, field inspections, and electrical tests to present historical information on the performance of equipment.

Experience gained in testing and consulting, in turn, drives the Applied Chemistry Department’s research activities to advance the state-of-knowledge. The department collaborates on projects for EPRI, CEATI, and BC Hydro, as well as other electric utilities and universities.