Environmental Policy


Powertech Labs Inc. will manage its operations in a manner that minimizes spills, pollution, waste, and consumption of resources across the life cycle of materials, products, and services. We will demonstrate respect for the environment, and commit to meet or exceed compliance obligations. We will work at continually improving our environmental performance and conducting business with full transparency by discussing our operations, services, and products with all employees and interested parties.

This policy is not a substitute for sound judgment. All staff are firstly responsible for implementing this policy as it pertains to their roles, and secondly encouraged to constrictively challenge actions that may have adverse impacts on the environment.


ISO 14001:2004

Powertech's environmental management system is registered to ISO 14001. The registration covers the activities of research, design, development, testing and consulting services.


Powertech has developed and is maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure that we efficiently minimize the effects of our operation on the environment while continuing to satisfy our customers' and interested parties' needs. If you require more details on our scope, please contact: info@powertechlabs.com .


Sustainability Scorecard

This report on Powertech's state of the environment provides a summary portrait of the company's strategies and achievements to date in several areas of environmental management.