What our employees are saying...

"I have seen many changes and have had the opportunities to adapt accordingly like the tradewinds which we experience on the westcoast. I have seen Powertech's continual growth and success through diligent employee efforts which has resulted in Powertech's worldwide recognition as a leader in specialized technical fields."

Carl, Technologist, 29 years

"The people here hold such a diverse wealth of knowledge, you're bound to learn something new everyday ."

Kristin, Materials Tester, 1 year

"I like working at Powertech Labs because of the diverse specialized staff who inspire me with their knowledge. I am constantly learning new things and that makes it exciting to work at Powertech."

Salim, Senior Project Specialist, 26 years

"While both 'power' and 'tech' attracted me to join Powertech, what I have been enjoying the most is working with the people here.  Powertech's team environment is excellent for each individual to perform, to learn and to grow."

Quincy, Electrical Engineer, 1 year

"Being on a team of world renown specialists, facing new challenges everyday, is quite rewarding."

William, Technologist, 6 years

"I like working at Powertech because it offers the opportunity to work with a diverse range of smart, energetic and highly motivated people on very interesting and technically challenging projects"

Carol, Sr Project Specialist, 27 years