Board of Directors

Directors are mandated to be stewards of the corporation. As a member of the Board, Directors are responsible for overseeing conduct of business, supervising management and ensuring that all major issues affecting the business affairs of the corporation are given proper consideration.

Appointees to the Board of Directors will include persons with business, utility and energy industry experience to ensure the appropriate balance of expertise necessary for overseeing a commercial enterprise. These are selected among senior executives of Powertech shareholder, BC Hydro.

Powertech's Directors are also appointed by our shareholder, BC Hydro. Unless specified, no end dates have been established for appointment terms.

In its desire to act, and be seen to act as an ethical Corporation, BC Hydro and its Subsidiaries have adopted a Director and Employee Code of Conduct [PDF, 50 Kb]. The Code also includes a section describing the standards of conduct expected of the Corporation's suppliers, consultants, contractors and business associates.